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 Home Security Systems

While TeleBlend can work effectively with your home alarm system, we advise that utilize a cell backup service connection that is offered by most home security companies for a small fee. This is alway recommended when using a telephone line with the home security system since the cell backup is an affective means of handling a situation where the phone line services are sabotaged.  If you do not have a traditional landline and an interruption occurs to your Internet connection, the home alarm system will not work as intended. For customers who do not have landline connectivity and seek to utilize a home alarm solution, TeleBlend recommends the wireless security system.

The Solution
TeleBlend and service plans are independent. However, TeleBlend members who use a wireless security system like do not need a phone to have their security systems communicate alarm signals to a central monitoring station. Plus,'s remote monitoring and control features allow their customers to stay informed of all types of activity on their property, not just alarms.

How Works security systems communicate all signals over a wireless connection that is completely independent of your phone, Internet, or VoIP connection. is completely compatible with TeleBlend's service and does not require that you attach anything to your TeleBlend gizmo. will work even if your Internet connection fails. And because all systems use a backup battery, they can communicate signals even in the event of a power outage. Many alarm systems can be upgraded to work with If your system is not upgradeable, also offers do-it-yourself and professionally installed new systems. systems use nationwide two-way radio and cellular networks for wireless signaling. A dedicated wireless connection between the security system and means greater security and reliability. Traditional security systems fail if the phone line is cut by an intruder or the Internet connection is disrupted due to a power outage. An system is invulnerable to a line cut since it doesn't rely on a phone or Internet line, and its back-up battery lets it continue to function in the event of a power outage. Security Features
If your service plan includes Central Monitoring, will forward an alarm signal to a Central Station where a live operator will first call you to verify that it's not a false alarm, and then will call the police or fire department if the alarm is not cancelled. Customers who choose's Do-It-Yourself Base kit can also choose a "Self Monitoring" plan that does not include central station monitoring. These customers can still have email, text-message, or phone alerts sent to anyone in their address book in the event of an alarm. All service plans also include monitoring of non-alarm events like doors being opened or motion sensors being activated. Customers can log onto to view a history of system activity, and they can receive alerts for any type of activity at their property. Pricing
An security system can range in price from as low as $199 to upgrade a current system and $379 for a new self-install kit, to over $500 for a new, professionally installed system.

The monthly service fee for a security system with's wireless, web and notification technology ranges from $24.95 to $41.95, depending on whether central monitoring and/or commercial features are selected. Since typical security monitoring services average about $33/month in the U.S. without cellular backup service, is competitively priced and also offers wireless signaling redundancy, Web features and non-alarm monitoring in addition to traditional security monitoring.

If you are currently in an alarm monitoring contract, you may incur early termination fees or other penalties if you choose to cancel that contract and switch to services. We recommend that you contact your current alarm company first.


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