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 What is Nomadic 911 service?
  The Nomadic service option allows you to have a number that does not necessarily match your physical location. For example, if you live in Tampa, FL, the Nomadic service option allows you to have your main number from Seattle, WA. This is different from
 What are Add-Ons?
  Service Add-Ons allow you purchase what you want, and not what you don't want, with your TeleBlend service. For example, if you do not make many international calls, the standard plan would be great. However, if you make a lot of calls to Europe, you mi
 Are there any contracts?
 No. With TeleBlend service there are no contracts or cancellation fees. We are confident that once you switch to TeleBlend, you will see that phone service does not need to cost a lot of money and stay with us.
 What is the activation fee of $29.95
  This is a one-time fee that we require so that we can provision your phone number, configure the device and setup 911 services for you. The fee is a one-time fee that we collect when you sign-up.
 What areas do you service?
  We service most of the United States and have the best coverage for VoIP service. Please check the "Availability" section of our site to see if your area is serviced.
 What is the cost to LNP a number?
  The cost to port a number from your current service provider to TeleBlend is a one-time fee of $14.95.
 Can I sign up for more than one Add-On?
 Absolutely. If you make a lot of calls to Asia and Europe, you can select both plans or consider the Free World Plan.
 How long after I sign up does my service begin?
 Your service will be active as soon as you receive your device in the mail, which takes around 5 to 7 business days, depending on where you live in the United States.
 Do I have to have 911 service?
  TeleBlend is required to follow the same regulations as the traditional telephone companies and therefore, yes, we do provide 911 services for all our customers. The 911 service works just like a regular phone where the 911 answering center will see the
 Do I have to have Nomadic to have 911?
  No. 911 service comes standard with the $15.95 Service plan. The Nomadic Service option is an additional feature at an extra $1.00 per month that gives you the ability to have your main phone number in a different area than you live in. This option is o
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