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 Do I get billed on the same day of every month
 Yes, your bill cycle day is based on the date you signed up for service.†
 How do I change my credit card on file
  In order to change your payment card on file, log into site:
 How do I pay my bill
  In order to change your payment card on file, log into site:-¬† Click the Make a Payment button- Then enter in the card information and ensure that the "Save Paym
 What do I do if I have a billing dispute
  If you see a charge on your bill that you do not agree with, please contact customer service by emailing and we will promptly respond to your question . Do not dispute the charges with your credit card company instead of calling in
 What is the USF charge that shows up on my bill
 The Universal Service Fund (USF) subsidizes rural phone companies, phone service for qualified low-income households, and telecom services for schools and libraries. Effective Oct 1, the Federal Comm
 How much is the USF charge
  USF is a federally-mandated tax based on a percentage of your phone service bill which applies to usage, subscription charges and equipment fees. A USF rate of 7.5933 percent is applied to domestic usage (including calls to Canada), sub
 How do I cancel my TeleBlend service
  If you choose to cancel your TeleBlend Service, please send an email to with your full name, TeleBlend phone number. Please ensure that the cancellation request is emailed from the email address associated with your TeleBlend
 Where do I find details of my past payments
 †On the Account Summary page, the first page you come to after logging in, you'll see†in the bottom left a list of your three most recent payments. To view all of payment history click the View All link in the
 How do I change my username and password on the BillPay site
 To change either your Username or Password, click the Profile button on the†top Menu. This will take you to your profile page. At the top of this page are two links. One says Change my Username and the other Change my
 What payment options are available
  TeleBlend accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and ACH from your checking or savings account as payment methods for service. You can also use a debit or check card as long as it works like a credit card (as it, has the Visa or MasterCard logo on t
 How do I receive invoices
 Full detailed invoices are available on your BillPay site at the PayMyBill link on You can view your current and past statements through the site.
 Do you mail paper invoices
 To offer you the best value in phone service we try to minimize the overhead costs and therefore currently do not offer the option for paper invoices. However, we are looking at offering this service in the future.
 Do I get a notice when my bill should be paid
  Yes. You will receive a notification 3 days before your bill is due. If you have auto-debit, then this notice simply serves as a reminder that your card on file will be charged for the amount.
 Can I turn off the bill notification feature
 Yes. If you login to the BillPay site at the PayMyBill link on, you can click on the Bill Notification Status section and turn the feature off.
 How do I update my billing information
  ¬† In order to change your payment card on file, log into site:-¬† Click the Make a Payment button- Then enter in the card information and en
 How do I pay my bill?
  You can pay your bill by logging into the BillPay site at Click on Make a Payment and you will be able to pay via credit card or checking account.¬†If
 How do I setup auto-debit for my credit card or checking account?
  Login to your billing portal at and then click on the [Auto Pay Status] link in the Account Profile box on the right. From there, you
 What is a Regulatory Recovery and Emergency Services Fee?
  The Regulatory Recovery Fee and Emergency Services fees are charges assessed by TeleBlend to recover a portion of the costs of compliance with regulatory requirements in addition to costs directly associated with maintaining a nationwide E911 service i
 What is an International Regulatory Recovery Fee?
  The International Regulatory Recovery Fee is a charge assessed by TeleBlend to recover a portion of the costs of compliance with International regulatory requirements set forth for services offered outside the United States. The fee only applies to unl
 What is my cycle date?
  Your cycle date is basically when your statement is created and charges assessed. If you have a cycle date of the 4th, that means that on the 4th of every month, your billing statement is created and it is due for payment. We bill in arrears which mea
 Payment address
 We do not recommend mailing payment since it could take some time to post to your account and result in unwanted service interruptions. You can pay by credit card or check online at
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