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 How do I disable my outgoing callerID
 You can disable your outgoing callerID by doing one of the following:To disable on a per call basis, simply dial *67 and then the number you are trying to call. The person you are trying to reach will not see the number you are calling from
 Can I disable call waiting
 The call waiting feature cannot be disabled. If you are on a call and someone else tries to call you, you will hear a beep so that you can press the flash button to talk to the second caller.
 How does call waiting work
 If you are already in a conversation with someone on your TeleBlend phone and you receive a call, you will hear a beep in your phone. Press the "Flash" button on your telephone to switch to the second caller. You can use the "Flash"
 How long does my voicemail PIN need to be
 You voicemail PIN should be between 4 and 6 digits.
 How do I change my voicemail greeting
 You can set up your voicemail greeting from home or away!From home, dial 00 from your TeleBlend phone to reach your voicemail account. Away from home, dial your TeleBlend phone number and press the star (*) key.You will then be asked to r
 Can I change my voicemail greeting from the Member Portal
 Yes, you can change your greeting using your Member Account Manager by following these steps:Log into your Members Portal from the siteSelect the Voicemail tab.Selec
 What is an Extended Absense Greeting on my TeleBlend voicemail
 You can record and activate your Extended Absence greeting if you will be away for some length of time and you do not want voicemail messages stored in your Voicemail Log. When your Extended Absence greeting is activated, your caller will hear the initial
 How long can my voicemail greeting be?
  Your voicemail greeting can be up to 2 minutes long.
 How do I access voicemail?
 You can access your messages by email, phone or web:By Phone:From home, dial 00 to reach the voicemail menu. Away from home, dial your TeleBlend phone number and press the star (*) key. When you hear the system
 What is the storage limit on my TeleBlend voicemail box?
  The maximum number of voicemail messages you can have or save is 20, each with a 2 minute limit.
 How do I setup my voicemail alerts
 By Phone:TeleBlend's Enhanced Voicemail automatically alerts you if there are new messages, as you will hear a stutter tone when you lift your handset. Also depending on your phone system, the message indicator light on your handset may light up
 I forgot my voicemail PIN - How do I reset it?
  Please contact Customer Support by email at, and we will assign you a new PIN that you can keep or change.
 How do I change my voicemail PIN?
 Follow these steps to change your PIN:Log into your Member Portal from the siteBegin from your Account homepage or select
 Can I retrieve voicemail messages that I accidentally deleted?
 Yes, you can retrieve a voicemail message that you accidentally deleted. Follow these steps:
 Does TeleBlend support 311 non emergency calls?
 311 is a service that customers can call to obtain information and access to city government services. This service is not available in all areas and is a service that is not currently supported by TeleBlend.
 Does TeleBlend allow 900 or 976 calls?
 TeleBlend does not support these types of calls.
 Can I forward my TeleBlend phone to an international number?
 No, you can not forward your calls to an international number. For our customer's protection, TeleBlend does not allow calls to be forwarded to international numbers because of fraud concerns.
 How can I block Anonymous callers from calling me?
 To block Anonymous callers from calling, you, login to the Member Portal from the site. Then click on the Blocking section and check the Anonymous Call Blocking box and click save. When this service is enabled, the anonymous callers will
 Is there a call return function?
  Yes, you can call back the last person that called you by dialing *69 from your TeleBlend phone.
 How do I stop telemarketers from calling?
  You can use the Anonymous Call Blocking feature through the Member Portal. However, the best way to stop receiving telemarketing calls on your TeleBlend phone is to register your TeleBlend number on the National Do Not Call Registry at
 Can I add an additional line?
  You can add an additional line by emailing Additional lines are often referred to as secondary or signature numbers. Signature numbers will be billed as an additional monthly recurring charge on your acco
 Voicemail: Forwarding to an E-mail Address
  1. Go to 2. Click ‘Member Login’. 3. Enter the correct E-mail address and Password. 4. C
 Listening to voicemails on Android phones
 With the newer Android Operating Systems the native media player no longer supports the 8 kHz GSM format that are used by the voicemail files that the previous OS on the Android phones supported. Therefore an application to play the format needs to be ins
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