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 I've followed the instructions but my Voice/VoIP light is not lit.
 My Voice/VoIP light was lit at one time, but now it is no longer lit.
 I do not have dial tone.
 How do I open a trouble ticket
  You can open a trouble ticket by sending an email to You can also open a new ticket by logging into your BillPay site via the PayMyBill link on and clicking on the Trouble Tickets section.
 I just lost dial tone
  If your service is working properly and you suddenly lose dial tone, this is generally due to intermitent maintenance that is done by your Internet service provider. Sometimes, based on the extent of the maintenance, your modem will not recognize the de
 Why do I sometimes lose dial-tone or the voice light?
  This generally happens when your broadband modem does not recognize the TeleBlend device. Restarting the modem and then the TeleBlend device should fix it. There are also instances where your modem has a built-in router, or your router dynamically chang
 It seems I can't make International Calls
 When dialing your international telephone number, please ensure that you start your dialing by dialing 011. This is the United States indication for International Calling. If your call fails to complete, then there can be a couple of
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