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 How do I make international calls
 To make an international call, simply dial 011, then the country code and number you are calling. For North American international calls, the country code would be 1. Calls to Canada, Hawaii and Puerto Rico do not require a 011. The rates for the other in
 Do you support 7 digit dialing?
 If the area code for the number you are calling is the same as you TeleBlend number, we have a great feature that allows you to dial those numbers without the area code. For example if your number is 512-777-1234 and the person you are calling is 512-888-
 How do I access my voicemail
  There are three ways that you can access your voicemail box:- you can dial 00 from your TeleBlend phone and then enter your PIN- you can login to the Member Portal at y
 Can I see my call logs
  The last 10 calls that you made, received and missed are available through your Member Portal. If you would like to see your international call logs they are available through the BillPay site at the PayMyBill link on and then click on
 Where can I see the international calls I have made?
 You can see the international calls by logging into the BillPay site via the PayMyBill link on Once you have logged in, click on the Call Logs link and then the International Summary link. You can also see the unbilled calls by clicking
 Can I use my existing telephone handset with the TeleBlend service
 Yes. The TeleBlend service works with any analog telephone handset such as what you currently using at home.
 How do I get notifed when I have a voicemail
 The TeleBlend service has several amazing voicemail notification optionsBasic notification is provided to your telephone handset if it has a message light.You can setup you TeleBlend service to notify you with a telephone call to a
 How do I setup my voicemail so that it does not ask for a PIN
 You can configure your voicemail settings by logging into the member portal at the page. Once you login, click on VoiceMail and then Options. In Auto Login section, enter the number of the phone tha
 Are calls to Canada, Puerto Rico and Hawaii free?
 Yes. Calls to Canada, Puerto Rico and Hawaii are free with your standard package with TeleBlend. You can choose one of our other free Europe, free Asia or free Latin/South America plans to include more countries in your service package.
 Can I use a calling card with my TeleBlend service?
  Yes. However, check our international rates on our main page as they are far better than most calling cards and other providers.
 How do I factory reset my ATA?
 Are directory assistance calls free?
 Directory assistance calls are included with your TeleBlend service. Simply dial 411 from your TeleBlend phone.
 How do I add one of the international calling plans
 To add one of the international calling plans, simply dial 0 or 611 from your TeleBlend phone to reach a customer service representative. They can process the order over the phone and you can begin using the plan within 1 day.
 What does the "call" button on the portal do?
 The call button next to a number on the portal is the way to trigger the TeleBlend click to call function. If you click on the call button, the TeleBlend system will call your TeleBlend phone, then call the number next to the "Call" button and b
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