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 Can I use my computer and talk at the same time
  Yes, the TeleBlend service functions using a stand-alone unit, Gizmo/ATA and therefore the operation of your computer does not affect the phone service. If you are using bit-torrent applications that consume a large amount of bandwidth, the overall qual
 When calling others, do they need to have TeleBlend service
 No they do not. The TeleBlend service works exactly like a regular phone service. You can call anyone, anywhere at anytime.†
 How does the sound quality compare to a regular phone
  The equipment and network that we use delivers premium call quality to our customers. You will find that the quality on most calls, including international calls, are significantly better than the regular phone service. The call does use the internet an
 How do I contact customer service
  You can contact customer service by:- ¬†
 How does TeleBlend work?
 It's amazingly easy to use TeleBlend! You can make and receive calls to any phone, anywhere, just like you do with a traditional phone. If you have a high-speed Internet connection (cable or DSL), you can get st
 What do I need to sign up for TeleBlend service
 To use TeleBlend Service, make sure you have:
 How easy is it to get started with TeleBlend
 If you have a high-speed Internet connection such as Cable or DSL, you can get started right away!
 What is TeleBlend
 TeleBlend provides home phone service over a broadband connection. You must have a broadband service such as high-speed cable, DSL or FiOS to use TeleBlend.TeleBlend Service can replace your current
 Can I travel with my TeleBlend service
 One of the great benefits of TeleBlend Service is that you can take your number anywhere in the U.S. Bring your TeleBlend equipment with you and connect it anywhere that you get a high
 What happens to 911 when I travel or move with my TeleBlend service
 TeleBlend service is portable to any location with broadband Internet access. If you travel, you can take your TeleBlend equipment with you and your service will work in any location with broadband Internet access. However, do NOT dial 911 whenever usi
 Will TeleBlend work over a dial-up connection
 No, TeleBlend Service uses broadband or high-speed Internet connections only - not dial-up connections. The higher connection speeds and greater bandwidth supported by broadband are required to allow both y
 Does having TeleBlend service affect my regular phone service
 No.†Your regular phone service is not affected by TeleBlend Service. TeleBlend Service operates through your broadband connection and does not interfere with your regular phone service. However, once you re
 Do I need Broadband Internet service for TeleBlend
 Yes. The TeleBlend service utilizes your Broadband Internet connection to provide you the phone line. This can be DSL, cable, FiOS and even wireless broadband and satellite. You will need to have†at least 128kbps of symmetric bandwidth.
 Is there a difference using cable or DSL with TeleBlend
 As long as you have a broadband Internet service such as cable, DSL or FiOS†your TeleBlend service will work just as well. We recommend at least 128kbps of bandwidth for the service.
 Does TeleBlend have 911 service
 TeleBlend provides Enhanced 911 service at no extra charge. The safety of our members is important, and we have built a network that supports the most sophisticated 911 technology available to the VoIP industry.With Enhanced 911, your call
 Is TeleBlend 911 different from regular 911
 The greatest difference between TeleBlend E911 Service and traditional E911 service is TeleBlend's reliance upon a functioning adapter and full power to your house. Electrical power outages and disruptions to your high-speed service connection will dea
 What is Emergency 911 or E911 service?
 With Enhanced 911, the emergency operator receives the name, address, and origination phone number of the caller. This is the type of Emergency Service that is provided by traditional local phone service an
 What do I need to do to activate my 911 service with TeleBlend
  TeleBlend will activate Emergency Dialing automatically for you as part of your service. You do not need to take any extra steps outside of the ordering process for Emergency Dialing to be activated on y
 When will my 911 services be active with TeleBlend
 In most cases, your 911 service should function properly soon after you activate your TeleBlend Service, but in some cases it could take up to 30 days to ensure that 911 calls are being routed with the corr
 Why does the CallID say Restricted
 This is generally when the callerID for the caller is not available to be displayed. This should not be confused for anonymous calls as they will specifically display "Anonymous" in the callerID display of the telephone.
 Can I block Restricted calls?
 Calls that display "Restricted" in the callerID of your TeleBlend phone are not anonymous calls and therefore cannot be blocked using the Anonymous Call Rejection feature. The display states Restricted since the callerID information is not avail
 Why do some calls to my TeleBlend service show up as
  The callerID display shows "Unavailable" when the the caller information is not available to be displayed. These generally refer to calls that come in from an international origination. These should not be confused with anonymous calls.
 Can I block "Unavailable" calls?
 Calls that show up as "Unavailable" cannot be blocked since the callerID information is not intentionally blocked as they are in anonymous calls.
 Can I accept collect calls?
 Collect calling is not supported on the TeleBlend service.
 How long does it take to port my number to TeleBlend?
  If the number is eligible to port (currently operational under your name with another provider), the time-frame to port it to TeleBlend is around 20 business days, depending on the current provider. Some numbers can be ported as quickly as 10 days, or a
 Do I need to cancel my current service when porting to TeleBlend?
  You must maintain active service with your current provider when porting to TeleBlend. Once the port is complete and you have been notified, you can then cancel services with your current provider. Most p
 How do I port my number to another provider?
  If you are trying to port your number away from TeleBlend and to another provider, you will need to follow the procedures of the new provider for porting the number. However, once the port is complete, you will
 How do I block international calls from being made on my TeleBlend line?
  You can block the ability to dial international calls from your TeleBlend line by logging into the Member Portal through the site. Once the blocking feature is tur
 What is the relationship between SunRocket and TeleBlend
  TeleBlend is broadband internet phone provider similar to SunRocket, Vonage, Lingo etc. TeleBlend acquired some of the networking equipment from the company handling the liquidation of SunRocket, Sherwood Partners LLC, after the unfortunate closure in J
 Does TeleBlend share my information with other companies?
 TeleBlend adheres to all applicable laws governing information privacy. Please review our privacy policy at the bottom of our main page.
 Do I need to return my device if I cancel?
 No. The device is issued free with the service and does not need to be returned.†
 Do the international rates change based on the time of the day?
 No. Our international rates do not have peak times, etc. It is simply a flat per minute rate, anytime.†
 How does my 911 work?
 Your 911 service on your TeleBlend phone works just like it does on a regular phone service. When you dial 911, the call is answered by your local 911 Emergency Dispatch center and they will see the name, number and location of the caller. This informatio
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